3M Full-Face Respirator 6900

If you are looking for a proven, high-quality full-face respirator, the 3M 6900 Full-Face Respirator should be in the top list of considerations for you to buy. This respirator is used by people working in areas such as assemblies, laboratories, construction, and other fields where hazardous particles, gases, and vapors may affect the health of anyone involved in those activities. Its practical design as a high-protective respirator makes it durable and keeps maintenance to a bare minimum.

Important Features and Specifications

  • Lightweight design at 2 pounds
  • Silicone face-seal for comfort and durability
  • Wide field of vision for safety and practicality
  • Can be used with both negative and positive pressure systems
  • Durable face shield provides a high-impact level for face and eye protection
  • 3M Cool Flow Valve provides cool, dry comfort to make breathing easier
  • Center adapter directs exhaled breath downward to reduce fogging
  • Provides respiratory protection from a variety of gases, vapors and particulate hazards at concentrations up to 10 times the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL)

Details of the 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900

Respirator Type

The 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 is a facemask capable of providing top-range respiratory protection.  When used in conjunction with 3M’s P100 filter cartridges, or the 6000 filter cartridges, this respirator is able to provide protection against a wide variety of gases, vapors, and particulate hazards. This full face mask provides protection both to the respiratory system, as well as to the face, increasing the safety of the worker in situations where damage to the eyes or soft-tissue on the face may occur.



The 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 offers more protection than most respirators because of its full-face shield. Most respirators come in a half-face form leaving the eyes exposed and often requiring the wearer to use safety glasses. The 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 facepiece is made of a silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The silicone face seal allows the face shield to fit comfortably on the face and create an airtight seal which is crucial to the safe operation of a full-face respirator.

The lens of the 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 is hard-coated polycarbonate. It comes installed with bayonet attachment inhalation port fittings, inhalation valves, and inhalation port filter/cartridge gaskets. While the face shield has an external hard coating, it can be susceptible to scratches if used in an environment where there might be contents hitting the face shield. Replacement face-shields are about USD$25. However, a more viable option is, similar to what you would do with a phone screen, use a face-shield protector, which can be purchased for quite cheap and does not impair or alter the vision of the respirator, but does protect it from scratches.3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 mask


The silicone-based nosecup of the 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 holds the inhalation valves of the respirator system. It is installed in the system in a manner where it can be easily removed for washing, or replaced should it be damaged. It is installed over the center adapter of the mask and fits easily over any wearer’s mouth and nose. Because of its loose design and silicone base, the nosecup very easily vents exhaled air out of the system to prevent the lens from fogging.

3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 nose cup

Head Harness

The 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 uses elastomer rubber straps for its head harness system. These are attached to the back in a single molded unit as seen in the image below. The straps are fastened to the facepiece system using the retraction clip buckles. The pull points on the harness are located closer to the face of the mask to act tighteners when pulled together.

3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 harness

3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 straps

Front Module


The 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900’s front module consists of the hard-coated polycarbonate face shield coating which is built around the center adapter assembly. The front of the gas mask, where the 3M label is located, is the protective cover for the assembly system which includes the exhalation valve, center adapter base, and center adapter gasket. The center adapter and port adaptor are the intricate parts of this respirator and therefore front on impacts should be avoided with this respiratory system.

3M Full-Face Respirator 6900’s exhalation system is based through the respirator’s downward pointing exhalation valve, which stems from the center adapter assembly. This means that when the wearer is exhaling through the mask, the exhaled air runs in a downward motion to avoid air being pushed forward onto working areas.3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 front module

 Filter Cartridges

The 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 uses it own 3M-specific cartridge filters. This respirator, when used in conjunction with 3M cartridge filters, has been approved by NIOSH, the government regulatory body on safety equipment, and has been tested to filter or supply clean air and help reduce breathing certain airborne contaminants.

This series of respirator works with the following approved 3M™ filters and accessories: 2071, 2076HF, 2078, 2091/07000, 2096, 2097/07184, 2291, 2296, 2297, 7093, 7093C/37173, 603, 5N11, 5P71/07194, 501, and 502. It also works with the following 3M™ Cartridges 6000 Series: 6001, 6002, 6003, 6004, 6005, 6006, 6009, 60921, 60922, 60923, 60924, 60925, 60926, 60928, and 60929.

3m filter cartridge

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Accessories of the 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900

The 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 comes with accessories a number of accessories for functionality, cleaning and assembly. It comes with:

  • Respirator Cleaning Wipes
  • Quantitative Fit Test Adapter
  • Spectacle Kit
  • Lens Cover
  • Tinted Lens Cover
  • Neck Strap Assembly

About The 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900

3M 6900 review


3M have been developing protective-wear for more than a century, and they are the manufacturer responsible for the majority of top-selling full-face and half-face respirators for trade, lab, and chemical workers that may be surrounded by hazardous particles.  This 3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6000 is their top-selling respirator which offers full-face protection in environments where eye and facial protection are paramount. This NIOSH-approved respirator helps provide protection against certain airborne contaminants while still allowing for a wide field of view and wearer comfort. The large lens provides a panoramic field of view, allowing the worker to see better, increasing both the wearer’s safety and productivity. All sizes of this lightweight facepiece weigh 2 pounds or less, which enhances comfort and promotes better worker compliance in wearing respiratory protection.

The 6900 3Mrespirator is reusable comes and can be recharged with numerous 3M particulate filters, gas/vapor cartridges and supplied air respirator systems, allowing for specialized use with multiple applications. The full-faced respirator also comes with a 3M Cool Flow™ valve which is designed to release hot, humid exhaled breath quickly, helping to prevent the unpleasant build-up of heat inside the facepiece. With the Cool Flow valve, this respirator can be worn for long periods of wear, especially where conditions are hot, humid, or physically demanding.

The use of the 3M 6900 respirator mask is suitable in activities such as chemical clean-up, chemical handling, chemical splash, chipping, chiseling, cleaning, furnace operations, grinding, laboratories, machining, masonry, painting, pouring/casting, sanding, sawing, and welding. Industries in which this facepiece are commonly used include agriculture, construction, general manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and primary metals.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question- 1: How to clean the 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900? 
Answer: The 3M 6900 respirator should not be cleaning with any solvents as they may degrade some of the respirator’s components. Instead, to clean the 3M 6900 mask you the manufacturer provides that you should:

  1. Remove cartridges, filters and/or breathing tubes. The center adapter, lens, and face seal can also be removed if necessary.
  2. Clean facepiece (excluding filters and cartridges), by immersing in a warm cleaning solution, water temperature not to exceed 120°F (49°C), and scrub with a soft brush until clean. Add neutral detergent if necessary. Do not use cleaners containing lanolin or other oils.
  3. Disinfect facepiece by soaking in a solution of quaternary ammonia disinfectant or sodium hypochloride (1oz. [30ML] household bleach in 2 gallons [7.5L] of water), or another disinfectant.
  4. Rinse in fresh, warm water and air dry in a non-contaminated atmosphere.
  5. Respirator components must be inspected prior to each use. A respirator with any damaged or deteriorated components should be repaired or discarded.
  6. The cleaned respirator should be stored away from contaminated areas when not in use.

Question- 2: What does the 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 filter?
Answer: It is a NIOSH-approved respirator when used in conjunction with the 3M 6000 cartridge filters. These filters provide respiratory protection from a variety of gases, vapors and particulate hazards at concentrations up to 10 times the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL).

Question- 3: How much does the 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 cost? 
Answer: You can view the current price of the 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 here.

Question- 4: How do I fasten the 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 to fit? 
Answer: Follow the instructional image below to fasten the gas mask to your sizing.

3m 6900 fastening

Final Verdict

The 3M Full-Face Respirator 6900 is a protective solution for the airways and the face and is one of the most functional and durable designs for full-face respirators. The 3M 6900 respirator is widely used by people working in areas such as assemblies, laboratories, construction, and other fields where hazardous particles, gases, and vapors may affect the health of anyone involved in those activities. Not only does this respirator give the option of full-face protection, but it also provides highly efficient air filtration methods, ensuring that there is a steady intake of filtered air, and a good release of exhaled air which avoids fogging in the face mask, and sweating in the nose cap. Given that these two issues are common occurances in a lot of respirators, the 3M Full-Face Respirator should be at the top of considerations for your respiratory safety in the work or home project environment.

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